Swiss Quality
Schulthess Maschinen AG produces washing machines and dryers for private households, apartment blocks and for businesses and industry. The company has been in existence for over 170 years; just under 60 years ago Schulthess launched the first automatic household washing machine in Europe. They have kept this pioneering role up – even today machines belong to the market leaders.

Schulthess has a percentage of 80% of Swiss market and big market shares in north and central markets.

Quality and performance of the appliances are high and customers always satisfied.

Schulthess laundry solutions are built to meet the demanding requirements of commercial and industrial applications, and they have been tested for 30.000 cycles – equivalent to a lifetime of 20 years. All our machines are easy to operate, economical to use, and boast excellent process reliability.
Schulthess Εξοπλισμοί Πλυντηρίων

Machines that operate in a commercial or industrial environment must function smoothly. Our washing machines are not only reliable – they are also gentle to the laundry and the environment, while meeting the highest hygiene requirements.


Machines that operate in a commercial or industrial environment must have a long service life. Our laundry dryers are not only durable – they also speak 17 different languages, are easy to use and save time, power and resources.


Take advantage of our experience and expertise in efficient and environmentally friendly washing solutions to plan and implement your new laundry services:

With over 20 key performance indicators, we can help you in the decision-making process and find together the right solution.

You will receive planning proposals from us for the implementation. In the execution phase, we will create detailed technical plans for the electrical and sanitary facilities and cooperate closely with the architects and building planners.


Machines from Schulthess deliver quality and reliability. High-grade materials and precision manufacturing are essential to meet our high standards – your guarantee of exceptionally long working life and quiet running. You can count on quality from Schulthess – throughout your appliance’s lifetime!

Swiss made – since 1845

Schulthess has long been committed to Switzerland as a production location. The machines are developed and produced in Wolfhausen in the Zurich Oberland with much pride and commitment, and a focus on robustness and durability: Laundry care with competence.

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