ICE-O-Matic company was founded in 1952 and its headquartered are in Denver, Colorado, covering a wide range of ice-producing products, including ice machines, ice cubes, storage bins, and vending machines.
The company’s philosophy is the design and construction of appliances, with minimal need for maintenance, which are ideal for your business and for the satisfaction of your customer.
  • The construction of ice in these ice machines, air-cooled or water-cooled, is not done by spraying but in the form of cataracts (vertical evaporator). As a result, the Ice Cube is of full volume and clear form.
  • Full Cube has a square dimension of 22x22 mm.
  • Unique feature of the products, built-in antimicrobial protection (Antimicrobial Association AglONTM) to protect the life of the ice machine, which prevents the formation of bacteria and the growth of fungi on the surfaces of the ice machines.
  • Construction is made of high quality stainless steel appliances are ideal for hard water (salts).
  • All the ICE-O-Matic storage bins are insulated with industrial polyethylene foam for maximum ice preservation and have a position for the Shovel
  • The motors are specially anti-vibration and without filters for the safe and economical operation of the appliances.
  • The extraction of air is done at the top, the installation of the machines can be made in limited space.
  • Range of machines from 96-666 kg daily production on ice, storage bins for greater efficiency are offered at a capacity of about half of the daily production.
  • With a distribution center in Europe the company ensures short delivery times from its warehouses the company.
  • ICE-O-Matic is Certified by ISO 9001:2000, assuring quality, consistency and continuous improvement in every ice maker that manufactures.
Ice-O-Matic Elevation Series
Ice-O-Matic CIM0435
You can find more information about the company, in the official Ice-O-Matic website.